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Tournament 2025

Open to All Styles

Australia's leading Martial Arts Championships

Special Seminar 2025

Train with a true Legend / Grandmaster of Karate

About Sosui Yoshiji Soeno - Guest of Honour in Australia

He is the founder of The Shidokan - World Karate Association, Japan highest graded ad decorated Karate man. Direct student and leader for Mas Oyama, Sosai, the first generation leaders from the Oyama Dojo. 

He is Samurai from both his parents' lineage, living in Japan and constantly traveling around the world teaching and training Shidokan.

He is known as the "Tiger of Kyokushin", undisputed Karate champion, Kickboxing champion, the first man to start what is MMA today (back in the early 60s).

He is part of the legendary team defeating the Thai Kickboxers in Thailand in the 60's.

He was one of the seven (7) Samurai sent to the USA and help train and teach Kyokushin.

He was one of the leading referees at the first World tournament, on onwards the Sempai to all the Japanese Karate men in Japan day (Kyokushin background).

He is Kancho Peter Mylonas' mentor, teacher of Budo, and 'older brother' and great supporter. 

He travels the world teaching and sharing the Samurai spirit to his International Organisation (The Shidokan) and travels to Australian supporting Kempo Genbu Ryu, whilst still training and building Shidokan.

Finally, a man that trains when he teaches sweats with his students and teaches the Samurai code to them.

Train with him, feel the experience -  押忍。!  Osu ! !!!



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