Like all Martial Arts, Kempo Ryu can be traced back to ancient China, namely the Shao-lin-ssu (Japanese: Shonin-Ji) method of boxing (Kempo).

The Shao-lin-ssu method of fighting with fists (Kempo) is thought to have been invented by the Indian priest Bodhidharma, who is known in Japanese as Daruma Daishi, in the fifth or sixth century.

Part of Shao-lin-ssu Kempo training involved light meditation and yoga practice, as well as the basics kicking and punching.

Kempo was travelled into the Ryu Kyu Islands of Okinawa. Even the Okinawan karate masters have no clear record as to when Kempo actually came to their country. One possibility is one Sakugawa of the city of Shui, travelled to China for the purpose of bringing Kempo back to his home country. There are many other theories to how Kempo came to the Okinawan Islands.

The inhabitants of the Ryu Kyu Islands did not receive the original style of Shao-lin-ssu Kempo. They combined a number of Chinese Kempo techniques and added their own individual skills, to form the Okinawan Karate or Okinawa-te.

The people of Okinawa use the simple word of te instead of the Japanese word of Karate. When the art came to Japan from Okinawa, it was written with the meaning empty (Kara) hand ( 'te' ) - KARATE.

From then onward the arts of Kempo and Karate began a new revolution. It involved the practice of kicking and punching in theory - (do) and in practice - (ji tsu).

Kempo played a major role in developing major fighting strategies of all the Japanese arts.

Basically the belief could be that Kempo was the first Form of any martial art.

Today's Kempo as in the teachings of Kempo Ryu, is a style designed for todayís fighting needs. A style dedicated to implementing traditional Dojo values and being effective out in the modern day streets of today's society.

Kempo Ryu teachings are based on the traditional values of the past great masters of Kempo and many other arts, that all students continue to learn the way of the warrior - BUSHIDO, in education/studies, have respect, integrity and to continue in perfecting oneself.

Kempo Ryu teachings will strive to teach all the basics of humanity - morals, respect and striving for perfection.

Kempo Ryu is more than a style, it is a philosophy. It is tailored to the person. Kempo Ryu teachings will strive to hold the Kempo philosophy.

Kempo Ryu is dedicated to teach all that's possible, to all of its students and to continue to develop, to continue to improve, because Kempo Ryu states that not one person or school has all the answers. In Kempo Ryu striving for that goal of knowledge is the major factor for its success in the practice of the art.

The Way of Kempo Ryu Karate is to direct all possible actions towards self improvement and self defence.

The art of Kempo Ryu is a fast flowing style famous for it's fast, effective and dynamic hands strikes. Leg strikes support rather than dominate any situation. An effective self defence program exists to ensure that Kempo Ryu is the leader of practical and effective self defence.

Kempo Ryu is recognised as one of the leading Kempo schools in Australia, with students and instructors participating in major Martial Art events.

The style has the basis of both full contact and non contact training, with students competing in both style tournaments and gaining the victories that support the claim by many different organisations that Kempo Ryu is a leader in it's field of the Martial Arts.

Practice of basic karate values and virtues is an important part of Kempo Ryu. Kancho Peter Mylonas, founder of Kempo Ryu personally strives through the Dojo training to practise Ki development as the corner stone of the art. Ki (Chi in Chinese) is an important element in any art's training method, as an individual could easily practise to throw a strike, however only a few individuals can actually throw one. What is being attempted here is the fact that individuals might practice and 'practise' however without the total focus on oneself, to understand oneself from within, one will never be able to execute any strike, defence or movement effectively.

Osu no Seishin or the Spirit of Osu (the spirit of perseverance) Kancho Mylonas explains it to students and instructors as follows: We as individuals must practice perfection daily, knowing that perfection takes many years and if it comes at all for some, however we strive for it always. We must be excited at the fact no-one is perfect therefore it gives us the opportunity to be the first. We have a duty to the honour and love of the Martial Way to offer it  upmost dedication and respect to this cause, thus we must be totally devoted to the Unshaken Spirit thought process of training to practice in daily life the values and morals the Way (the Martial Way) teaches us. We have no choice to steer away from these values and morals as the Way teaches the basics of respect, humanity, compassion and naturally total defence. Therefore as holders of the Way and itís secrets we must live up to the values it preaches and are required to be passed on to everyone we can; to develop better effective human beings than ourselves. Only then can we say that we are true Martial Artists and call ourselves 'teachersí. Finally Kancho Mylonas does believe most good families of any background share these values - thus it does show that these values are shared within many cultures, however very much present and practiced daily with the Martial Arts cultures or many styles and countries.

We Welcome You To Kempo Ryu Karate.


The triangle meaning in both ancient & medieval ages, Western & Eastern worlds is a powerful symbol.

Symbolising your hard efforts then the rewards will be there for you. You help others the rewards will be there for you. You do the wrong things and the consequence will be there for you. No matter what we do, life will link our actions eventually together. Our triangle symbolises the hard work our students put in, the rewards will be there for them, being one of the best martial artist & human beings in the community.

The dragon in both the eastern and western worlds means the highest form of knowledge, the highest form of defence, the highest pinnacle of any achievement . In Kempo Ryu our dragon means we strive for the highest possible achievement in the study of Martial Arts plus we go further in tuning our students to take on challenges in the real common world and achieve the highest form possible like the dragon. The ones who achieve the best they can, are indeed a dragon.


The red colour symbolises good fortune and the colour of a burning desire for perfection. The background of the emblem being golden yellow symbolises the new dawn (beginning) for Kempo Ryu in the training methods it approaches, the multi coloured dragon symbolises the enlightened individual from any part of the globe and various civil backgrounds who has attained the skill of Kempo Ryu and lives by the values and morals of Kempo Ryu.






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