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Kempo Ryu Hombu Dojo has trained some of Australia's best full contact fighters. Kempo Ryu has made history in recent years in both the non contact and full contact arena. We are the proud style that competed in the IKO Matsushima Kyokushin World Cup being the first ever style outside Japan to be allowed to compete in this prestigious International event. Apart from the World Cup Kempo Ryu has trained World & Australian Karate Champions for events in Europe, North America and Australia.

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Building 2, 41 Third Avenue. Blacktown NSW 2148 Australia

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Kempo Ryu International Karate Organisation
PO Box 424 Earlwood NSW 2206 Australia

Telephone: (61 2) 9831 7549    Facsimile: (61 2) 9718 9634

E-mail: dojo@KempoRyu.com


Hombu Dojo is housed in modern designed and specially built premises. This location houses the offices of the International Karate Organisation - Kempo Ryu; it will continue to offer facilities second to none. With a conference room, library & over 430sq metres training area, Hombu Dojo is well equipped to develop and teach Kempo Ryu to future generations.

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