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Instructors Wanted

(Branch Chiefs to be appointed)


Represent Kempo Ryu in your country.                                           
Instructor enquiries for Australia are also welcome.

Learn from a leading International Kempo instructor.

Peter Mylonas is known across the world as one of the finest Traditional Japanese Kempo Instructors.

Kempo Ryu is seriously seeking to appoint instructors as regional country representatives.

If you are interested in teaching and sharing this art, we would like to hear from you.

As one of the leading Kempo styles we would like to offer instructors the opportunity to train with us at our Hombu Dojo in order for you to see what we are all about.

For training at Hombu Dojo and/or seeking more information about joining our style feel free to contact us.

Details can be sent via writing/email directly to:

Peter Mylonas, Kancho

Kempo Ryu International Karate Organisation

PO Box 424 Earlwood NSW 2206 Australia


Telephone: 61 2 9831 7549

Facsimile: 61 2 9718 9634


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